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Rockin'Jelly Bean

Rockin’ Jelly Bean has become world known for his lascivious and wildly imaginative depictions of beautifully nasty and cutely obscene women. Despite his level of renown and infamy, he is known to sport a Lucha doll mask at all times and is said to never appear in public without it. Stylistically influenced by such artists as Ed Roth, Robert Williams and Robert Crumb, he started his career in Tokyo in 1990, following in their low-brow footsteps. In the late 90s, he relocated to LA where he started up his original brand EROSTY POP. In 2004, he established EROSTICA as his official shop and continues to create cool n rockin’ art work.

「RAWガール」の作者。1990年より活動。映画「キラーコンドーム」「パラサイト」「発狂する唇」など映画関連のアートワークを担当。96年の渡米をきっかけにアメリカのLOWBLOW ARTシーンで活躍。2005年からは活動の拠点を日本に移し、近年は原宿と名古屋にショップ「エロスティカ」をプロデュースする側ら、様々な分野でCOOLなアートワークを提供している。代表作は、モード学園08年TVCM、Dr.Pepperパッケージアート、「きらきらアフロ」ポスター、エヴァンゲリオンとのコラボなど。


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Established in Harajyuku, Tokyo by the artist Rockin’Jelly Bean in 2004, Erostika has been producing his limited silk screen prints, apparels and various other products, while supporting and managing Rockin’Jelly Bean to collaborate with other clothing brands, movies and musicians.

世界的ローブローアーティストRockin'Jelly Beanプロデュースの下、2004年原宿にオープン。以来、「TOTALLY SHAMLESS, DIRTY AND OBSCENE」をテーマにしたオリジナルブランドEROSTIKAを中心に、ポスター、アパレルなどのプロデュースや販売を手がける。他のアパレルブランドとのコラボレーションのバックアップや、映画、音楽といった方面とのコラボレーションも多数手がけている。



Backed up by profound knowledge and deep insights of American culture and R&B/Hip Hop music, Interbreed is a brand established in Tokyo 2007, favored by many fans domestic and foreign. Designed with full of playfulness derived from street fashion, incorporating well thought out functions/gimmicks, their clothing has been created with great attention to details and carefully selected materials.


instagram : https://www.instagram.com/interbreed_official/

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